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Spread the word: Vote for Animated PNG support on Microsoft Edge(the successor of IE).
Thanks for voting on Chrome. Chrome supports Animated PNG as of version 59, June 2017.
Animated PNG is used in some high profile things such as: Apple iMessages, Safari, Firefox, pebble smartwatch, LINE
Developer? Add Animated PNG output to your web-app with the AnimatedEncoder.js open source library (which is used by this website).
Artist? Draw Animated PNGs with GraFlic™ animated image drawing tool.
Have Videos? Convert your videos to Animated PNGs You can add meme text too!

Please consider donating and spreading the word. Funding will help the project advance during the critical window of opportunity for the Animated PNG format.
Read more about the project, goals, and development priorities at: https://APN.Gs

Brute-Force compression will take much longer to save, but can make files smaller.
Quality (75%)
Delay Milliseconds
Size x
Multiple images can be selected at once. If so, they will be added in numeric / alphabetic order based on their filenames. Add a sequence of still images to be made into an animation, not one that is already animated. The Optimize and Convert page can help with those.

Frame */*

Disables the dispose-to-previous-frame feature not supported by pebble. Uses a preset palette with the 64 colors and 4 levels of opacity it supports.


Building Animated PNGs from PNG sequences

There are several software platforms out there that are good for authoring animations and exporting them as PNG sequences that can be used here to build Animated PNGs.

OpenToonz OpenToonz is free and open source software that is very good for authoring animations flipbook-style frame-by-frame with the help of an onion skin to show a ghost of the last frame. That, combined with the very flexible vector drawing and palette system, streamline your workflow. You may need to do some searching for videos/tutorials to master it…
Synfig Synfig is free and open source animation software with allot of advanced options. It has various links to help you master it on the website.

Animated PNGs vs Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs have been around for decades. Despite this, interest in animated images has continued to grow. GIF still has shortcomings that are long overdue to be addressed. Now is the time to move forward with Animated PNGs!

Animated PNGsAnimated GIFs
Colors Over 16 million 256
Transparency Full and partial transparency. This allows anti-aliasing around the edges of the graphic, making it look natural over any background. Simple transparency only. Either fully transparent or fully opaque. This can leave unsightly jagged edges around the graphic where it meets the background behind it.
Filesize Significantly smaller than an equivalent GIF.
If the Animated PNG is using a large spectrum of colors, the filesize goes up. There is no GIF to compare it to in that case because it is an animation GIF cannot do. uses software that can optimize the colors used in APNGs to reduce the filesize with minimal noticeable difference and maintain a desired level of quality. If you see an Animated PNG that is excessive in size, it is likely the result of no optimization or poor optimization.
Can be small due to quality loss when reduced to the 256 maximum colors GIF supports.
Support Firefox, Safari and Chrome can play Animated PNGs. A growing amount of software is adding support for it too. Since Animated PNG is backwards compatible with regular PNG, other browsers and non-supporting software will display only the first frame or default image of the Animated PNG. All major browsers and a vast amount of software support Animated GIFs. With the momentum growing behind Animated PNGs, the advantage GIF has here is shrinking.

Why Animated PNGs? — Animated PNGs are the best solution at this time to get better GIF-esque animation to the web & beyond.

Animated PNG gives users an option to save their animation in a portable format without losing so much quality as they would with Animated GIF(Which is limited to 256 colors, and only simple transparency. Due to inconsistent implementations, framerates faster than 10 frames per second are not reliable in GIF.).
Animated PNGs work very well with these apps and would work well with countless others for a few main reasons:

They can be used now. The Animated PNGs generated from my apps get more lively and more interesting with the animations running, but they still work as a non-moving image. For users viewing them on a browser that does not support Animated PNG, they still get the job done with a single-frame image being shown. They just don't have that extra goodness added by animation.

Low complexity. Given the simplicity of the format and that it mostly leverages the existing PNG technologies, AnimatedPNG is easy for developers to implement in their projects and software.
There are many resources and sources of information out there that developers can use to figure out and work with Animated PNGs. I have tried to work with other similar formats, but have not had such an easy time getting my hands on the needed information to encode such formats.
If a format is too complex and the needed technical information about it is hard to come by, the barrier for developers to embrace it may be too high, even if they want to.

PNGs, Everywhere! Regular PNG is here to stay for the foreseeable future and as long as they are around, which might be forever, we may as well have animations supported on them when it takes such little resources to support that. Even if a more advanced solution for this type of animation becomes viable, we won't be dropping PNG any time soon and it doesn't hurt to have them animate.

About APNGs

Welcome to, the go-to portal for APNGs(Animated PNGs).
APNGs are animated images, similar to Animated GIFs. Unlike GIFs, however, APNGs support a full spectrum of 16 million colors and unlimited framerate. GIFs are limited to 256 colors and 10 frames per second. After a long journey of ups and downs, APNGs are gaining momentum and interest and could be poised to be the successor to GIFs.

Browser Support

FirefoxHas the longest history of supporting APNGs. In fact, this animated extension of PNG was designed by Mozilla folks.
SafariSafari is the default browser for Macs. WebKit, Safari's rendering engine, powers all browsers on iOS, meaning iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS 8+ now support APNGs.
Chrome Chrome has recently added support for Animated PNG. Chrome is default browser for many Android devices and Chrome-powered notebooks.

Apps that support APNGs

Punykura purikura onlinePunykura simulates a Japanese purikura photo booth, adding animated effects with support for APNGs.
Deckromancy® Trading Card MakerCreates custom trading cards. Supports APNGs for animated holographic foils.

Convert Flash® Animations(deprecated)

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