Note that the functionality of this page is deprecated. Adobe has announced that it will stop supporting Flash Player at the end of 2020, so SWF files will be unable to load for conversion. Browser vendors may move to phase it out quicker. This page may stop working earlier than that depending on what browser you are using. Animators and developers may want to consider other options for authoring animations. Check out OpenToonz or Synfig, both of which can export PNG sequences that can be built into Animated PNGs on the home page.
This SWF conversion page may be deleted by 2020 or earlier.

Your browser does not support Flash® Convert SWFs to APNGs by visiting from your Flash-enabled computer.

( SWF 9.0+ )
Quality (75%) Low High

Disables the dispose-to-previous-frame feature not supported by pebble. Uses a preset palette with the 64 colors and 4 levels of opacity it supports.

Note: For feedback, you can contact sysop @ compu moo kaze . com (remove the cow sound).

Converter for Adobe® Animate™

This tool converts SWF timeline animations to Animated PNGs, allowing you to use the world's leading animation tool to author portable animated images at full truecolor quality. This is perfect for email market, avatars and signatures for online communities, and more!

To get started, press the SWF button and browse for a SWF file from your computer. It must be a version 9 or above SWF and be a timeline-based animation to work. Adjust the settings below as desired, and press save.

This can be used to make stickers for iMessages or LINE. You can simply drag and drop the Animated PNG file into Xcode for a simple stickers app. Note that the preview thumbnail on Xcode does not animate, but when your stickers app is built the PNG will animate as a sticker on a device or simulator.

Convert your Flash® animations to APNGs to play on iPhone® and iPad® devices.

Flash developers/animators can now use APNGs to play their animations on iPhones and iPads natively in full true color with a high quality framerate. Just add your .SWF files as images in the WebApp and generate some APNGs with the SWF-to-APNG functionality! Being a multi-frame bitmap format, these animations will, of course, lose the ability to run any code and vector scalability. Some animations may experience some warping since the animation is being rasterized to fixed frames.

Why convert from Flash to make APNGs? Flash has been an industry leading animation technology for decades with many years of existing content of amazing quality built. Leveraging the deep feature set will also allow developers to build new breathtaking animations. The APNG format allows animations to play on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and devices running other supported browsers such as Firefox.

SWF technical notes

Very old AS2-based files(Flash 8 and below) will need to be converted to a non-ancient version before they will work here. This is because the AS3 system needs to be able to manipulate their timelines. If this is the case, load your animations into Flash Professional and re-save them in the latest format.

If your animation is based on code rather than a pure timeline animation, it may produce unpredictable results.

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